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Er. Chen Yue Feng

Er. Chen Yue Feng(PE No. 4289) Senior Director M.Sc (Geo), 2 M.Eng (Civil)

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Chen Yuefeng


    Professional Membership 专业职称

    Professional Engineer in Singapore 新加坡注册专业工程师

    Qualification 教育背景

    Bachelor of Civil Engineering, HUST (CHINA), 华中理工大学土木工程学士(中国)

    Master of Engineering (Civil Structure), HUST (CHINA), 华中理工大学结构工程硕士(中国)

    Master of Engineering (Civil Structure), NUS (SINGAPORE), 新加坡国立大学结构工程硕士

    Master of Science (Geotechnical), NUS (SINGAPORE), 新加坡国立大学岩土工程硕士

    Key Project 关键项目

    J-Gateway, Landmark in Singapore West, 2 BLKs of 39/35 Sty & 23 Sty

    Condominium (Construction Cost S$163M)

    ALTEZ, A Block of 62-Storey Residential Apartment (250m Height) at Enggor Street

    Condominium (Construction Cost S$100M)

    Central@Clark Quay, 1 Blk of 25-Sty Office (Construction Cost S$190M)

    Oasis Hotel@Sinaran, 1 Blk 24-Sty Hotel, 6-Sty Medical Centre (Construction Cost S$120M)

    Kovan Residences, 8 Blk 17-Sty Apartement With 1 basement (Construction Cost S$200M)

    8scape, 4 Blk 25-Sty Apartement With 5 basement (Construction Cost S$142M)

    Ecopolitan, 8 Blk 16-Sty Residential With 2 basement (Construction Cost S$133M)

    Water Bay, 6 Blk 17-Sty Residential With 1 basement (Construction Cost S$101M)

    ERSS, Ewe Boon Road (Hallmark Residences), Excavation Depth=11m to Soft Silt

    ICON, 2 Blk 46-Sty Residential With swimming pool (Construction Cost S$110M)