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Cui Zhe

Cui Zhe(PE No.5063) Executive Director M.Sc (Geo) 2 M.Eng (Civil)

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Cui Zhe


    Qualification 教育背景

    Master of Engineering (Civil Structure), NUS (SINGAPORE), 新加坡国立大学结构工程硕士

    Master of Science (Geotechnical), NUS (SINGAPORE), 新加坡国立大学岩土工程硕士

    Key Project 关键项目

    River Isle, 9 Blks of 17-Sty Apartments with Basement (Construction Cost S$147M)

    Waterbay, 6 Blks of 17-Sty with Landscape Deck, Common Basement

    Condominium (Construction Cost S$101M)

    454 Balestier Road, 2- Sty Commercial Podium Consisting of Shops and Part 3/12-Sty

    Residential Tower above (Construction Cost S$30M)

    Ikea @ Tampines, 5- Sty Warehouse Retail Building@Tampines(Project Value S$88M)

    ERSS, Jalan Sendudok (Nautical), (Excavation Depth=14m to Sandy Silt SPTN=4-30)

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